The clinic is located in beautiful Port Penrhyn, on the outskirts of Bangor, North Wales.

My clinic is attached to my home but is completely separate for my client’s ultimate comfort and privacy. We are lucky to have ample parking on-site and the area is flat so access is easy for all.

There is a comfortable waiting area adjacent to my treatment room where clients can relax and read from my extensive range of material, regarding skincare and nutrition.  Healthy refreshments are available free of charge whilst you wait or after your session.  

Client’s can peruse the products that I use during treatments and these are also available to purchase following consultation with myself. (Environ)

My initial skin consultation is free and I regularly review your progress. During a consultation, I will, assess your skin, discuss your concerns, ask you what your desired skin outcome is, recommend a treatment plan and suggest appropriate ongoing home care with a view to us collaborating to achieving your ideal skin. I also offer a complimentary mini-facial during this time which allows me to understand your skin and you personally experience the products recommended. You will leave knowing how you can assist your skin to be its healthiest most resilient version!

As an additional benefit to being a client, I also offer a Jane Iredale (link) mini-makeover after any treatment. You will need to mention this at the time of booking so that I may allocate sufficient time for you. The makeup I use is clean, vegan and cruelty-free and perfect adjunct to the treatment plan you are undertaking (link to Jane Iredale). This makeup is also available for purchase on-site.

Ethos and ENVIRONmental Impact


The ethos of my clinic is to be as green as possible without compromising on quality, standards and results. Therefore, I offer:

1 A recycling service for all ENVIRON (link) hard plastics, which means you get a £1 off your next purchase and the recycling remains within the UK and is turned into secondary goods such as garden furniture.

Any other products purchased from my clinic can be returned to here where it can’t be recycled by the council, where they will be sent to Liverpool for conversion into Bio-Fuel.

For every treatment I use a disposable eco towel which I then offer my client for home use or I recycle it by composting. More details at

Any products I engage with are made from sustainably sourced Palm Oil.

All cleaning products insofar as possible are environmentally and human friendly.

Any mascara wands used at the clinic are cleaned and sent to an animal charity.

The nutritional products I work with have a clear environmental and social policy and as a therapist, I am proud to represent this.

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