Its been a challenging last few months.  I hope you have managed to stay safe and well both mentally and physically. I’ve found it to be a very challenging and in a strange way, a liberating time. Learning how to be fluid, transferable and hopefully a little inspiring in my new roles as home educator, online skin consultant and IGTV presenter!! Many thanks if managed to watch any of my social media home care tips and tricks. I hope you found them useful and had chance to try some out. Hopefully My presenting skill will keep growing and flourishing in the future. 

We are now at a stage of lock down where we are beginning to see some changes ahead.  I am waiting for government guidelines on how and when I can open the clinic in a safe, stable and sustainable way. This may include restrictions on some treatments I can initially offer. I will be in touch as soon as I know when I can open and get you booked in. I’m sure you can appreciate I am prioritising my appointments to everyone on my booking list including, monthly members and clients who’s appointments’ had to be cancelled at the beginning of lock down. I will then open up my diary to everyone else and online bookings.     

What to expect when you come in for your long awaited pamper…..I am currently putting new protocols in place regarding what to expect when you can come in for your pamper. My intention is to send these out to you via email before you come in for your pre booked appointment. This will give you chance to familiarise yourself with the new way I will be initially offering you your treatments. In the mean time I will be contacting you with some consultation forms I would dearly like you to complete and return to me.  This will make sure I am up to date will all GRDP requirements once going ahead with any of the treatments I can offer.

Regarding stock levels, as many of you are aware, some of these have been slightly disrupted during the lock down. I am pleased to say, I have lots of stock and iiaa head office have full stock levels across all 3 brands, so no concerns there!

I know how well you have done to continue with you home care routine, I believe it is a vitally important part of caring for your skin and will always be the case.  I can’t help to feel, being able to offer you a hands on service is where the magic can really take place in transforming your skin and well being.     

In the mean time I would like to share exciting news with you…….  My new website is almost live!! it will include lots of information on all the treatments I currently offer, information on the brands I offer you and an online shop where you can make product purchases or reserve your products. I will have a special area for you loyal monthly members where you can access special offers. My intention is to include blogs and videos discussing products and self care treatments you can do at home. These may be similar to the ones I have recently been offering on Instagram and facebook. If you found any particularly informative, or you have any suggestions on content, please let me know as this information is for you. I would like it to be relavent to you and your needs, not what I think your requirements are!   

I am so excited at the way the new normal is going to be shaping along with prospect of being able to invite you back into the clinic once again and can not wait to be able to catch up with you and find out how you have got through the last few months.

Stay safe & well and I will be in touch shortly,
with love Caroline x